Caiz Optronics Corp. is a leading provider of a wide variety innovative hi-tech specialty light sources for the following fields

  • Digital Cinema & Stage
  • Solar Simulation & Aerospace Testing
  • Screen Printing, 3D printing, and Nano Printing…
  • Printed Circuit Board PCB, including FPC
  • Flat Panel Display FPD, including TP, LCD, OLED, AMOLED…
  • Integrated CircuitICProcessing & Lithography
  • And many other high-tech applications…

Founded in 2002 and led by a team of entrepreneurial talents in lighting, optics, and lasers, Caiz has been working with many world-class advanced companies, such as ASML, SpaceX, Foxconn…ect, to translate the market’s comprehensive needs into reality by offering cutting edge products. 

Today, with headquarters in Shenzhen and factories in Suzhou, Meizhou and Xiaogan, Caiz is well recognized as the premier supplier of high-tech specialty light sources by major users in respective applied fields throughout China. 

Meanwhile, Caiz is actively collaborating with overseas distributors to expand its business in global markets. Many of Caiz products have been successfully exported to foreign countries such as USA, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Russia, Tunisia, Brazil, Korea, India and Southeast Asia countries. For more information, please feel free to contact us or visit our website at We look forward to serving you soon.